Journey Times

This dataset grouping details the output from transport monitoring within Stirling.

Outputs from the monitors feed into the Local Transport Strategy (LTS) which can be accessed via Stirling Council’s website.

Journey times’ data are gathered using Bluetooth sensors which detect Bluetooth devices travelling on monitored routes.

The devices that are used are encrypted, and anonymise any data collected. No vehicles can be traced.

Journey times are calculated when one device is identified at two locations, this is referred to as a Bluetooth match.

The collection of journey times’ data can be effected by different activities and conditions.

• There must be a minimum of five Bluetooth matches before the journey time can be generated

• Road closures will skew outputs as vehicles will be using alternative routes

• Sensors can be moved to different sites therefore results will be zero until the locations are updated

• Activity of the sensors can impact results. Normally the Bluetooth sensors are active between 7am and 7pm. However, if they receive up to two weeks of insufficient sunlight there can be unprecedented periods of inactivity

Traffic Scotland can provide updates on any road closures and the Scottish Roadworks Commissioner can give further details on any planned roadworks throughout the country.

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