Stirling Council SAPE Mid-2020: Males Valid data


For each data zone within the Stirling Council area, this dataset details the total population and distribution by age for the above, and can be viewed by Ward, Intermediate Zone (IZ) and Scottish Parliamentary Constituency (SPC).

The full Mid-2020 Small Area Population Estimates are available on the NRS website.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Data Zone text DataZone

Of the 6,976 data zones in Scotland, each covering a population of between 500 and 1000 residents, there are 121 within the Stirling Council area.

Data Zone Name text DataZoneName
Total numeric Total
Less than 1 year old numeric LessThan1YearOld
Aged 1 numeric Aged1
Aged 2 numeric Aged2
Aged 3 numeric Aged3
Aged 4 numeric Aged4
Aged 5 numeric Aged5
Aged 6 numeric Aged6
Aged 7 numeric Aged7
Aged 8 numeric Aged8
Aged 9 numeric Aged9
Aged 10 numeric Aged10
Aged 11 numeric Aged11
Aged 12 numeric Aged12
Aged 13 numeric Aged13
Aged 14 numeric Aged14
Aged 15 numeric Aged15
Aged 16 numeric Aged16
Aged 17 numeric Aged17
Aged 18 numeric Aged18
Aged 19 numeric Aged18
Aged 20 numeric Aged20
Aged 21 numeric Aged21
Aged 22 numeric Aged22
Aged 23 numeric Aged23
Aged 24 numeric Aged24
Aged 25 numeric Aged25
Aged 26 numeric Aged26
Aged 27 numeric Aged27
Aged 28 numeric Aged28
Aged 29 numeric Aged29
Aged 30 numeric Aged30
Aged 31 numeric Aged31
Aged 32 numeric Aged32
Aged 33 numeric Aged33
Aged 34 numeric Aged34
Aged 35 numeric Aged35
Aged 36 numeric Aged36
Aged 37 numeric Aged37
Aged 38 numeric Aged38
Aged 39 numeric Aged39
Aged 40 numeric Aged40
Aged 41 numeric Aged41
Aged 42 numeric Aged42
Aged 43 numeric Aged43
Aged 44 numeric Aged44
Aged 45 numeric Aged45
Aged 46 numeric Aged46
Aged 47 numeric Aged47
Aged 48 numeric Aged48
Aged 49 numeric Aged49
Aged 50 numeric Aged50
Aged 51 numeric Aged51
Aged 52 numeric Aged52
Aged 53 numeric Aged53
Aged 54 numeric Aged54
Aged 55 numeric Aged55
Aged 56 numeric Aged56
Aged 57 numeric Aged57
Aged 58 numeric Aged58
Aged 59 numeric Aged59
Aged 60 numeric Aged60
Aged 61 numeric Aged61
Aged 62 numeric Aged62
Aged 63 numeric Aged63
Aged 64 numeric Aged64
Aged 65 numeric Aged65
Aged 66 numeric Aged66
Aged 67 numeric Aged67
Aged 68 numeric Aged68
Aged 69 numeric Aged69
Aged 70 numeric Aged70
Aged 71 numeric Aged71
Aged 72 numeric Aged72
Aged 73 numeric Aged73
Aged 74 numeric Aged74
Aged 75 numeric Aged75
Aged 76 numeric Aged76
Aged 77 numeric Aged77
Aged 78 numeric Aged78
Aged 79 numeric Aged79
Aged 80 numeric Aged80
Aged 81 numeric Aged81
Aged 82 numeric Aged82
Aged 83 numeric Aged83
Aged 84 numeric Aged84
Aged 85 numeric Aged85
Aged 86 numeric Aged86
Aged 87 numeric Aged87
Aged 88 numeric Aged88
Aged 89 numeric Aged89
Aged 90+ numeric Aged90
Rural Classification numeric RuralClassification

The Scottish Government has identified and defined six Rural Classifications:-

  • 1: Large Urban Areas;

  • 2: Other Urban Areas;

  • 3: Accessible Small Towns;

  • 4: Remote Small Town;

  • 5: Accessible Rural; and

  • 6: Remote Rural.

Rural Classification Description text RuralClassificationDescription

Visit the Scottish Government's website for further details on Rural Classifications.

Intermediate Zone text IntermediateZone

Intermediate Zones (IZs) are similar to Data Zones. The key difference is their size: IZs have a population of around 4,000 and are built up from Data Zones. IZs tend to be used when the data are too sensitive at Data Zone level. The larger populations of Intermediate Zones mean that data published on them are less likely to require disclosure control.

Intermediate Zone Name text IntermediateZoneName
Local Authority text LocalAuthority
Local Authority Name text LocalAuthorityName
Health Board text HealthBoard
Health Board Name text HealthBoardName
Multi-member Ward text MultiMemberWard

There are seven Wards within the Stirling Council area:-

  • S13003115: Trossachs and Teith;

  • S13003116: Forth and Endrick;

  • S13003117: Dunblane and Bridge of Allan;

  • S13003118: Stirling North;

  • S13003119: Stirling West;

  • S13003120: Stirling East; and

  • S13003121: Bannockburn.

Multi-member Ward Name text MultiMemberWardName

Visit Stirling Council's website for further details on Wards and Councillors.

Scottish Parliamentary Constituency text ScottishParliamentaryConstituency

There are two Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies (SPCs) within the Stirling Council area:-

  • S16000144: Stirling; and

  • S16000088: Clackmannanshire and Dunblane.

Scottish Parliamentary Constituency Name text ScottishParliamentaryConstituencyName

Visit the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland for details on:

  • constituencies and regions for the Scottish Parliament;

  • the number of councillors on each council in a local government area;

  • the number of wards for local government elections and their boundaries; and

  • the extent of council areas.

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